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General FAQs:

Q.1. What is E-Procurement/E-Tendering?

Using an Electronic Tendering System simplifies many things, step and procedures that are involved in the tendering process. It facilitates all the activities involved from the time of advertising to the time of placing a contract. During that time, physical documents are not used, rather electronic documents are implemented. Since the system uses only electronic documents, it is easy for us to offer our esteemed customers and clients the best solutions to any tendering process that they want to undertake. In order to ensure that the solution is viable and valid, the system uses a time-locking approach when handling multiple biddings. At the same time, it is tamper-proof in order to ensure data integrity and securing the bidding process and payment options. Buyers do not want to use a system that does not have a secure payment option. The reason for such caution lies on the fact that fraudsters might take advantage of week payment options to receive payments. Since tenders usually involve large amounts of money, it is clear that such security flaws should not be present. Lotus Procure has taken into account detailed security measure to prevent any misfortune during making payments. Depending on your needs, you can acquire the licensed or hosted mode of the e-tendering solution.

Q.2. How do I log on to e-Procurement portal once I get registered?

Once your registration have been completed automatically your user id will be approved for Login, you can enter the same in the space provided on the home page and login to the portal.

Q.3. What if I want to use my e-Procurement account on a different computer?

You can use your account anywhere in the world. It just needs a computer with above Pentium IV configuration and an internet connection.

Q.4. Is the password secured?

Password is encrypted at the database level. As a part of the security policy.

Q.5. How do I change my password?

When you login to the e-Procurement portal, system you have Profile link for password change. You can change your password by clicking on "Change password" option available. The changed password will be valid for the next logins.

Q.6. How can I retrieve my lost my password?

You have link Forget Password, fill the required details and your new password will be email on your registered mail id.

Q.7. Is my information on e-Procurement portal secured?

The information provided by you is 100% secured. It is only used by the respective department for the purpose of evaluation.

Q.8. In which account the payment shall be refunded?

The amount shall be credit to the same account from which the transaction is made.

FAQs on Registration :

Q.1. Is registration compulsory on e-Procurement portal?

Yes. Registration is compulsory on e-Procurement portal.

Q.2. How do I register on e-Procurement portal?

Enter e-Procurement portal https://www.eproc.lotusprocure.in. Click on "Contractor Registration" link. Fill up all the relevant information and proceed further.

Q.3. How much should I pay as a registration fee?


Q.4. Do I get confirmation mail after registration?

Yes. Please check through the email Id provided by you during registration.

Q.5. Can I update my registration information?

Yes. You can change the registration information under "My Profile" link.

Q.6. How long is my registration valid?

Your registration is valid for life time.

FAQs on Digital Signature Certificate

Q.1. Do I need Digital Signature Certificate during registration process?

Yes. Class-3 Digital Signature Certificate is compulsory for all the vendors to participate in the e-Procurement system. Digital Signature can be obtained from any of the Controller of Certifying Authority, India.

Q.2. How do I get the application form and how much should I pay for Digital Signature Certificate?

Call any of the helpdesk numbers from the website to get the more details.

Q.3. How do I update the digital signature certificate (DSC) number to my user id?

Login with your Id , Goto DSC Verify Option and update your NEW DSC

FAQs on Support

Q.1. How do I contact the e-Procurement team for any query related to Online tendering process?

e-Procurement Technical Assistance can be reached through below mentioned ways

1. Through telephone :

Landline - 0755-4078644/45/46/48

2. Through Email :

Email Id - support@lotusprocure.in

Direct access :

Bidders and department officials can also walk in to OSMO IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. office on the below mentioned address and get the query/issues resolved.

Address :

OSMO IT Solution Pvt. Ltd.
FB-12-13-14,2nd Floor , A-Block,
Mansarovar Complex ,Bhopal , M.P. 462016